Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce…

little fierce

Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women in this big bad world of ours. Today is to celebrate you. Your achievements, triumphs, the things you have overcome, the barriers you have broken down.

If anyone is in any doubt of why we celebrate International Women’s Day, if you think there’s no need, if you think we have reached equality and there’s nothing left to fight for…first off – I would like to welcome you to a little place called ‘The Real World.’  I would love to know where you live, cause it definitely aint any place near me.  Read More »

New year, New You? No thank you…12 Days of Christmas

January. The month of the detox. The cleanse. The flat tummy tea. The diet. The gym rush.

The thing is, in essence, I actually really like the whole new year, new goals concept. I love a fresh start, a plan and feeling motivated to go for my goals.

What I really hate though, is when the diet industry hijacks the entire thing. They profit off making people feel guilty about the perceived ‘over indulgence’ of the Christmas period. Read More »

Reasons…12 Days of Christmas

Everything happens for a reason. What will be will be. It is what it is.

Those ‘fate will have its way’ sayings…what does everyone think of them?

Personally I believe in that kind of thing – to an extent. I do think things happens for a reason.

I just think that sometimes the reason is because I’m a freaking eejit. Sometimes the reason is because I worked damn hard. Sometimes the reason is because there was a goal I wanted to accomplish. Read More »

Book of 2018…12 Days of Christmas

Now, to be fair, most of the books I read in 2018 were textbooks as I was finishing A Levels.

However, after I had a break from reading textbooks…I did finally pick up a book that didn’t contain chemical equations, biological diagrams or anything to do with sports science. Although they are all extremely interesting subjects – I needed a break.

So, what did I read? A light hearted comedic novel? A romance story? A crime thriller? No no no, I read a non-fiction collection of writings from some very inspiring women – a book called ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink…And Other Lies’. Read More »