The Results Are In…

When we were just beginning the organization of the Gala Dinner, we all felt strongly that the event should not be ‘marketed’ as a fundraiser, but instead as a celebration and promotion of Organ Donation. It was important to us that people didn’t feel under pressure to give lots of money, only that we got the message out there about how crucial organ donation is. Read More »

Organ Donation Awareness: Thought For The Day #5

The Gift Of Life:

Exactly one year ago today, I received my third liver transplant. It was a day of hope, nerves and excitement. Last night at the Live Loudly Gala Dinner, I spoke about how hard it was to make the decision to go ahead with that transplant. It was down to me to choose whether or not I would go ahead, and the possibility of me not doing it, was very real at a time. I knew how difficult it would be to recover from this transplant, mentally and physically. I knew how hard it can be to live with a transplant. But eventually, I signed the consent forms for my third liver transplant. Read More »

Organ Donation Awareness: Thought For The Day #3

To Opt In or To Opt Out…That is the question…

Let me first explain a little bit about what I mean. There are two possible systems that the politicians are trying to decide between, for how people are put onto the Organ Donor Register. The first – the one we currently use – is the opt in. This means that each person decides whether they want to be an organ donor, and then they go and sign the register after deciding. Read More »

Organ Donation Week: Thought For The Day #2

Why is the #DonationConversation so important?

People have asked me many times, ‘can’t I just sign the register – and my family will know my wishes when the doctors tell them I was on the register?’ People ask this because they feel so uncomfortable talking about their death, or that of someone close to them. As much as I understand this discomfort, I will always tell people that they absolutely HAVE to talk about it! Read More »