A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words…

Did you know…hospital drip stands make great skateboard substitutes. See picture below >>

This was me, about four months before I had my last transplant – obviously already very jaundice and looking a very unflattering shade of yellow which only continued to deepen as the months went by. By the time I was called for the transplant, I was a gorgeous shade of Grinch Green.

So, today it is short and sweet. I am grateful for the little things today. I am thankful to my donor for allowing me to return to my normal skin colour. Really, it ain’t that fun being yellow/green.

I used to absolutely hate having my picture taken while I was this colour – my family will laugh at me now because I am still not the biggest fan of a photo – but actually looking back on it now, I am glad I have them. It is the reminder I need sometimes of how far I have come in the last four years, obviously not just with the shade of my skin but seeing pictures makes me remember how I felt at that time. I can remember how weak and tired I was all the time and it makes me appreciate the journey I have been on. The fact that I can go for a walk on the beach or swim or go on a night out. Just live and enjoy my life!

Even though I am excited for Christmas – yes I am aware it is only September, don’t judge me – I have no desire to actually look like the Grinch.

So, here’s to the donors xxx


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