A picture speaks a thousand words…

Every day this Organ Donation Awareness Week, I will be sharing a photo to highlight the amazing gift of life I have been given…

Kicking the week off with this gem ~>>

the boys

Between the five of us, there’s one heart, one small bowel and six liver transplants. (I take up a disproportionate amount of those liver transplants because I am greedy and insisted on having three)

There’s seven donors and seven families who made the most selfless decision to pass life on to others.

Not only would the five of us not be here without their decision, but we never would have met. And then who else could possibly annoy me the way these boys do?

Joking aside, I don’t know what I’d do without them and I’m so happy I was given the chance not only to live, but to live long enough to meet this lot and form the bonds we have.

Could you all stop getting any taller now please?

So, here’s to the donors xxxxxxx

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s picture!

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