How you feeling today? “…the tiniest act of kindness can save a life.”

It’s tough going for a lot of people out there just now.  And if you have to stay in and maybe even on your own, it can be tougher still.  So there’s more talk about mental health and well-being going round.  That’s a good start.  Squash that stigma. Not easy.  It’s so much easier to tell your friends you can’t join them for a meal or a night out because you’ve got a rotten cold than to mention you struggle with social anxiety or an eating disorder.

Talking about mental health is a start.  Recognising it’s about all of us and not only the few is another step. Using some more of our taxes to improve mental health resources and shorten urgent attention waiting lists would make a huge difference.

Today is World Mental Health Day and there are lots of interesting, helpful and readable resources around to surf through. We’ll add a few links at the end of this blog.  Meanwhile, we’d like to offer some thoughts Lucia posted a while ago.  It’s worth another read. Read More »