Time is precious…

Time is precious. We won’t ask for much of it in this blog.

If you live in Northern Ireland, the Department of Health would like to hear your views on a possible change to the organ donor register, from the current opt-in system to a proposed opt-out system. They’re asking about:

  • Your current intentions or decisions about donating your organs/tissue after you die;
  • Whether you have shared this decision with your loved ones;
  • Whether a move to a statutory opt-out system would change your decision;
  • The groups of people who should be exempt from the proposed changes;
  • The role that your family and loved ones should play;
  • The scenarios in which deemed consent should not be applied, e.g. donation for research purposes, or for novel and rare types of transplants; and,
  • How we should engage with the public to raise public awareness of the proposed changes in the law, and the focus for future communications.

Sound like a lot?  Not really.  It’s mostly multiple choice questions that can be done online in a few minutes.  It could even be a short lockdown activity for a family.  Here’s the link for a look – Consultation on organ donation  Just scroll down to respond online.

The few minutes you give to it could, one day, make a difference between a transplant or no transplant to someone who is waiting, waiting, waiting as time slips away.   Could you squeeze in a few minutes to have a look before the consultation closes next Friday 19th February?

Whether you live in Northern Ireland or not, a few minutes of conversation with family and friends, making sure we all know and understand each other’s wishes  on organ donation is time well spent.   Your time is precious.  Your decision could give someone else some precious time.  A whole new lifetime.