Reasons…12 days of Christmas

Lucia posted these words in 2018, and showed us just what they meant through the year and 5 months that followed…

Everything happens for a reason. What will be will be. It is what it is.

Those ‘fate will have its way’ sayings…what does everyone think of them?

Personally I believe in that kind of thing – to an extent. I do think things happens for a reason.

I just think that sometimes the reason is because I’m a freaking eejit. Sometimes the reason is because I worked damn hard. Sometimes the reason is because there was a goal I wanted to accomplish. Read More »

Book of 2018…12 Days of Christmas

Now, to be fair, most of the books I read in 2018 were textbooks as I was finishing A Levels.

However, after I had a break from reading textbooks…I did finally pick up a book that didn’t contain chemical equations, biological diagrams or anything to do with sports science. Although they are all extremely interesting subjects – I needed a break.

So, what did I read? A light hearted comedic novel? A romance story? A crime thriller? No no no, I read a non-fiction collection of writings from some very inspiring women – a book called ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink…And Other Lies’. Read More »

Most wonderful time of the year…12 days of Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year.

For me I think so yes.

For many of us, Christmas definitely is the most magical time of year.

Although, for a lot of people Christmas can be a reminder of the person missing round the table, or of the difficulties of social situations or the nerves that come with the excess of food and drink that are part and parcel of Christmas. Read More »

“Once upon a Christmas…12 Days of Christmas – Live Loudly Donate Proudly”

“So here it is, Merry Christmas…”  The season of repeats.  They do it on the telly, and we do it for ourselves.  We all have our own Christmas traditions, whether you charge into it from early November taking every opportunity you can manufacture to make the glitz and glamour of it last as long as possible, or you try everything to avoid the hype until the last minute, or even prefer to hibernate and wait for it all to go away.  Whatever you do, that’s what tradition is – repeat.  If you go to church you may hear the same story and sing the same carols.  No apologies.  Decorations, trees, recipes, music, films…the ones they show on the telly or the favourites we choose to stream ourselves.  (We like Alistair Sim’s version of “Scrooge”.  It’s old now, 1951, but it’s still hard to beat, and Lucia laughed louder than anyone else every year.)

Looking for inspiration for the 12 days of Christmas blogs this year, we re-read the last set Lucia wrote, from Christmas 2018.  We loved them.  So here they all are again, one day at a time.  Repeats, with no apologies. And yes, we’re proud of her every word….


Once upon a Christmas…

So. We’ve all had our dinner, we are suitably stuffed with Celebrations, and the torn wrapping paper leaves a trail of destruction under the tree.

The whole family is together. Someone is probably asleep on the sofa and there is most likely a Christmas special on the T.V. Read More »