A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words…

A couple of very weird, random and surreal accomplishments that have happened since my transplant journey began… >>

P1050293olympic torch for laura


The first picture, is me trying to be semi sensible for a ‘nice picture’ – actually on this day last year at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast at the ceremony where I received my British Empire Medal. Every time I write or speak or even think that sentence, I kind of giggle a bit to myself because it just doesn’t seem real or true or plausible in the slightest.

I was awarded my B.E.M for ‘Services Towards The Promotion of Organ Donation’ and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of the fact that my story has gone even a small way in helping to get the message out there about the Gift of Life. If I have helped even one person to sign the register or to talk to their family about their wishes, then everything I have gone through is worth it a thousand times over. I have the happiest, most amazing memories from that day that I will treasure forever.

The same goes for the memories of the 7th June 2012. The day I ran with the Olympic Torch! Again, it still – even seven years later – feels so surreal to say that. I was 13 years old at the time, and I had done different bits of press before but definitely never anything that high profile or exciting and I remember being so incredibly amazed throughout the entire day. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

Honestly the things I have had the opportunity to do because of this mad life I live will never cease to amaze me and make me pinch myself in disbelief.

So, here’s to the donors xxx


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