Strengthening the team…

Lucia started Live Loudly Donate Proudly from her passion for promoting organ donation. It was matched by her deep belief in the capacity of children and young people to tackle big issues and be creative agents for change.  Lucia’s commitment to see organ donation awareness included in the Northern Ireland National Curriculum in open and imaginative ways found good soil and has good gardeners to keep it growing.  We are delighted to share this blog from Catherine McKeown, recently appointed as Organ Donation Promotion Manager for N Ireland, and welcome Catherine’s energy and skills as we work towards the Curriculum, and much, much more…   Read More »

International Women’s Day

The “Live Loudly” of this campaign is, primarily, to encourage us to be loud and clear about our wishes for organ donation.  Then it is an encouragement to any who have had a transplant to show themselves, donor families and everyone else, that life after a transplant can be lived to the full.   For Lucia, Live Loudly also became a personal call to raise her voice as a young person, a young woman, and to inspire others to raise their own.  International Women’s Day was a day Lucia wouldn’t miss.

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