A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words…

It’s all worth for those 3am memories >>


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Apologies, but I really couldn’t choose just one picture.

I think sometimes it sounds silly or shallow to say that one of the things I thank my donors for is being able to go on a night out.

But, you know what, it’s true.

It’s one of the most important things my donors have given me. They gave me the ability to enjoy life as a young person, and stay out dancing with friends and acting like and eejit all night long.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I did not go through everything I did when I was sixteen and having my third transplant, just so I could sit in the house and watch life from the side line.

I went through it all so that I could get up and live as much of life as possible.

Sometimes my health gets the better of me and I’m not the party girl I want to be…but that is a rare occurrence!

Usually, I am that person who never wants to leave a night out before I absolutely have to.

I am that person who dances all night long even though I may not be the best dancer.

I am also that person who is definitely not sensible and goes out even when she probably shouldn’t…like tonight. Realistically I should sit in as I am very tired and not that healthy – who’s shocked? not me – but am I going to do that?? Nope.

So I’m going to sign this blog off here as I need to go and get ready to boogie with my besties for one last night before I go into hibernation for a little while.

But thank you, for giving me the gift of 3am trips to Tesco for after night out snacks, for the many times I have lost my voice on a Sunday morning, and the many questionable decisions that Halo has inspired over the years.


So, here’s to the donors xxx


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