Our Mission

Here at Live Loudly Donate Proudly we aim to encourage everyone to make the most out of all the opportunities in life, as well as in death- and this means organ donation.

Let your family and friends know your wishes for organ donation, be proud of your decision, and your family will be proud too. This campaign is all about conversation, communication and education, in order to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. We all have the potential to save someone’s life one day, it really is the greatest gift you can give – the Gift of Life. Join the register here!

If you wish to share your story of Organ Donation, whether you are a donor family, a living donor, a recipient or recipient’s relative or friend, or maybe just know someone who has been affected by Organ Donation, get in touch with us via:

Email: info@live-loudly-donate-proudly.org

Facebook: Live Loudly Donate Proudly