A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words…

How could I not feel like the luckiest girl alive? >>


beach 2

Last, but definitely not least, the beach. beach

My favourite place in all the world, my happy place, calm place and safe space.

There is something so magical about the beach, and the ocean.

The vastness of it.

There is a beautiful, graceful kind of strength in it.

I feel like I soak up it’s strength when I need a bit of an extra push to keep going. I also feel the peace it carries though, and my whole body and mind calms when I sit and listen to the waves and breathe in the sea air.

How on earth could someone in my position not think they the luckiest person alive?

I have managed to get three donors for three liver transplants and never had hugely long waiting times.

I have not only made it to my 10th, 16th and 18th birthdays, but now my 20th!

I have gained the most amazing friends and experiences because of this journey.

Not only all that, but I live across the road from that beautiful sight pictured above.

It’s a pretty good life when you think about it…


So, here’s to the donors xxx

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