12 Days of Christmas…Blog 6

xmas 6Well, today has just been absolutely insane.

It’s a short one today – it has been hectic! Today I was announced as a recipient of a BEM (British Empire Medal) on the 2018 New Year’s Honours List.

I’m still quite baffled and just totally stunned that the work I, with the incredible help and support of those around me, do to raise awareness of Organ Donation has been recognised in this way! Read More »

12 Days of Christmas…Blog 5

xmas 5Do you give blood?

No? What’s your excuse? Do you have a blood condition? Or take medication? Or have lived abroad in a country which means you can’t give blood?

Or…do you just ‘not get round to it’? Don’t have time? Think it’s painful? Think it’s ‘icky’? Don’t know where you can donate? Don’t think it’s really THAT important? Read More »

12 Days of Christmas…Blog 3

xmas 3Presents. One of my personal favourite parts about Christmas, each year I still get so excited about both getting and giving Christmas presents. Exchanging gifts, you get one – you give one…pretty simple concept. It works, everyone’s happy.

If you are happy to receive a present, you should be willing to give one…agreed? Read More »

This is Life…World Transplant Games 2017

It has been a whirlwind few months. May – Washington D.C. Exams. More Exams. Swim training. 18th birthday. More training. Exams finished = more training. June – Malaga for the World Transplant Games 2017!

This is life. This is life after a transplant – or three. This is life recovering from anorexia. This is life with a liver condition. This is life both because of and despite the things I have been through, and sometimes I don’t quite know how I got this lucky. Read More »