12 Days of Christmas…Blog 3

xmas 3Presents. One of my personal favourite parts about Christmas, each year I still get so excited about both getting and giving Christmas presents. Exchanging gifts, you get one – you give one…pretty simple concept. It works, everyone’s happy.

If you are happy to receive a present, you should be willing to give one…agreed?

So then, I ask you this…if you were ill and needed a transplant, would you take it? Are you willing to receive an organ from someone in order to save your life?

If the answer is no, well then I guess that’s a whole different issue.

If, however, like most people, you answered that question with a yes, then I go back to my original point about presents. You get one – you give one.

Sometimes people say to me that they ‘just don’t like the idea of a bit of me being in someone else’, but they would be willing to have a transplant if needed.

I think this is often the best, simplest and most clear argument I can make for why people should be organ donors. If you need one, you’ll take it but if someone else needs one, you aren’t willing to help?

Time to reconsiderĀ IĀ think…

Why don’t you just throw that question out there one Christmas evening when the family is all together, would you have a transplant if you needed one? Open a conversation about Organ Donation, know what your loved ones opinions are…it is so very important to know what they wish.

You wouldn’t go to a friend’s house on Christmas morning, knowing they had a present for you, empty handed, presentless. Would you?

You sign up, I’m signing off,

Lucia X


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