12 Days of Christmas…Blog 4

xmas 4So today I have another question for you…When you are filling in those organ donor forms, and they ask you which organs you would like to donate, will you check all the boxes…or are you squeamish about a few?

Will you check yes to your heart? Yes to your eyes?

These are the two organsĀ that people tell me they feel the strangest about donating.

Heart. Well, apart from the fact that it is one of the most desperately needed organs for transplant, it’s also no different than any other organ in the body. Why, logically, do you not want to donate your heart? Why is it different to the liver or kidney?

People say the soul rests in the heart, people say the door to your soul is through your eyes.

Well, possibly. Although, I say people need hearts to pump blood around their body and people need corneas to see the world.

The liver has a job, the heart has a job, the eyes have a job.

You could mean the difference between life and death, or sight and blindness to someone. Your heart and your eyes are just as important to the people on waiting listsĀ and no more important to you than your liver or kidneys.

Ask yourself…what makes me want to keep my heart when it no longer beats inside my chest…what makes me want to keep my eyes when they can no longer see this world?

You don’t need them…someone else does though.

You sign up (to all of it), I’m signing off,

Lucia X

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