12 Days of Christmas…Blog 2

2 xmasChristmas Eve. The excitement and anticipation for Christmas morning is at its best. Waiting to see what’s under the tree, waiting for the family to come round, waiting for the fun of Christmas Day to begin.

It’s one of the best feelings ever.

Now, imagine that you don’t know when Christmas Day will come, it could be tomorrow or it could be any other day of the year.

Oh, and you have a cold, that won’t go away until the Christmas Day you don’t know the date of. Oh and the present you’re waiting for…a transplant.

We all know how exciting it can be to wait for something, but also how frustrating, how it can make you anxious not knowing when what you’re waiting for is coming.

Can you imagine that what you’re waiting for is something to save your life. Imagine being excited, scared, hopeful and anxious all at the same time. Every time the phone rings it could be the news that you’re waiting for that a donor has been found. You get your transplant. You get to live.

That news is what over 6000 people in the UK are waiting for.

However, not everyone will get it. Unfortunately, everyday three people in the UK die whilst waiting for a transplant, not everyone will get their Christmas wish this year.


Boxing Day, often a time to visit friends or family, a quiet day in after the busyness of Christmas Day.

Maybe you could take a few minutes – maybe now? go on, do it now…why not?… go on – to have a conversation about organ donation.

What do you think? Would you like to help those people who are waiting for their gift of life? Could you be their Christmas Day?

Being an organ donor is truly the most amazing gift you could give this Christmas. Well…signing up, letting your loved ones know, that’s the best gift.

Knowing what you and your loved ones want, what they decide, is the best way to help those who are sick and waiting for a lifesaving organ.

Go on, have a chat, do it now before you forget. Thanks.

You sign up, I’m signing off

Lucia x

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