The Craziest Day, One Year On…12 Days of Christmas


This day last year was possibly – probably – the most insane day of my life.

Late the night before, the New Year’s Honours List was released. I was the youngest on the list, being awarded a BEM for services towards the promotion of Organ Donation.

Then that next morning me and my sister were up at 5am being taken to the BBC studios to appear on live breakfast T.V and I had four other radio and T.V interviews that day.

All whilst fitting in a nail appointment and a waitressing shift. And writing a blog. Madness.

It’s still absolutely bonkers to look back on it. It doesn’t seem real that I was awarded it in the first place.

I don’t do what I do for recognition, and honestly I’m really not a fan of the whole press/interview/attention situation. I do this because I know what it’s like to need an organ. Because I know what receiving an organ means. Because I know that I would not be alive if it weren’t for donors and families who most probably knew that their loved one wanted to be a donor.

There is nothing more incredible to me in this world than the fact that I am alive because of a total strangers kindness X3.

Unfortunately due to being in hospital, I didn’t get to go to the ceremony in May in Buckingham Palace, however I did get to the medal presentation in Hillsborough Castle in September.

As coincidence would have it, my best friends Dad was also being awarded a BEM and so we were all there together. It was so special to be able to celebrate that day with so many people that I love.

Me and my sister and friend in this very posh castle pretending we were sophisticated. Actually I don’t think we even really pretended haha.

I still don’t know who nominated me to receive the award, and may well never find out but whoever they are – Thank you so much.

I really hope that I have been able to spread the message a little bit further, and I will always continue to speak out about Organ Donation.

It really is just the most bizarre thing. Lucia Mee, BEM. What? Also, side note – I am now apparently allowed to get married in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – weird perks of having a BEM.

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support this cause, who helps raise awareness and who has supported me in any way over the years.

Most of all, thank you to my heroes – my donors and donor families.

So here’s to one year on since the craziest day of my little life.

Maybe it’ll actually have sunk in by this time next year. Unlikely.


Lucia X

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