Organ Donation Awareness: Thought For The Day #6

Turn An End Into A Beginning

So, the theme of this year’s campaign was ‘Turn an End into a Beginning’.  And as it is the end of the week, I wanted to talk about how we can turn the end of this week, into the beginning of something great.

As this week finishes, and we aren’t going to be seeing quite as much publicity everywhere as we have been since it’s been Organ Donation Awareness Week, how do we keep the same level of progress. How do we make sure people still talk about this issue?

I think, at the end of this fabulous week, one way that we can keep this spirit alive, is to tell some of the success stories from this week, throughout the next few blogs. There have been at least three people that have come up to me personally and tell me that they have signed the register and are going to have or have had the conversation with their family and friends.  And I know there have been many more people tell others the same thing.

Throughout the next few weeks, I hope to be sharing what has come out of this week.  The first thing we will be announcing, is the total money raised from the Gala Dinner. As well as what that money will go towards. Hopefully you will also be seeing some of the pictures from the night, you might even see some of yourself and your friends!

The magic of this week is that it has planted a seed in so many peoples head. It has given us a platform to build on. Now the seed is there, the ideas and discussions can flourish and the opinions will form. From there, so many more seeds are planted in the people around them, and the people around them and so on.

Before Monday comes again, and another week of work and school begins, take a moment to think about those who cannot go back to school, work or anything really. Their life is on hold, on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Think about how you could help them.

There is one very simple way. Have the conversation about organ donation. Sign the register. Be loud and be proud of your decision to be an organ, blood, tissue or stem cell donor.

You sign up, I’m signing off,

Lucia x



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