The Results Are In…

When we were just beginning the organization of the Gala Dinner, we all felt strongly that the event should not be ‘marketed’ as a fundraiser, but instead as a celebration and promotion of Organ Donation. It was important to us that people didn’t feel under pressure to give lots of money, only that we got the message out there about how crucial organ donation is.

I still think this was an incredibly important message to get across – that it is not about money. After all, organ donation is a gift that is totally free to give to someone, but it means more than any expensive present!

However, when we counted up the final numbers…It was apparent that we didn’t have to pressure anyone into giving anything! Together, everyone managed to raise an incredible £8000! That’s £4000 for each of the chosen charities, Transplant Sport and The Northern Ireland Transplant Association. Well done, and thank you to everyone who contributed in any way, either through money or awareness, because both are incredibly important!

So, what will the money raised actually do?

Well, Transplant Sport is the charity organization that puts together all the Transplant Games events and play a hugely important role in the promotion of Organ, Blood and Tissue Donation. The money will go towards helping the transplant athletes get to the games, it will help towards the promotion campaigns, and most importantly, will help Transplant Sport to actually put on the Games. Every year, the Transplant Games takes an immense amount of organizing, press, and of course money. You have helped to make that a possibility, so thank you!

The Northern Ireland Transplant Association (N.I.T.A) is a charity which supports both transplant recipients and donor families. This is essential, as both sides of the transplant story need to have that support there, to help them deal with their own journeys. The main message of the N.I.T.A is to promote the Gift of Life. The money you have raised will help in this process, as well as enabling N.I.T.A to provide both practical and emotional support to anyone affected by organ donation.

From everyone at Live Loudly Donate Proudly, THANK YOU! We know how much it means to people that they have the support there, for when times are tough. We also experience everyday how much good organ donation does, and how important it is that we get people talking about it!

So, more committed than ever, we will continue our quest to get everyone to have a conversation about organ donation…

You sign up, I’m signing off,

Lucia x

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