Organ Donation Week: Thought For The Day #2

Why is the #DonationConversation so important?

People have asked me many times, ‘can’t I just sign the register – and my family will know my wishes when the doctors tell them I was on the register?’ People ask this because they feel so uncomfortable talking about their death, or that of someone close to them. As much as I understand this discomfort, I will always tell people that they absolutely HAVE to talk about it!

Why? Well, the final decision as to whether to donate your organs or not, will always go to the family. Less than half of families asked at the bedside will agree to donate. Compare that to the percentage of families who have already had a conversation with their loved ones; 88% of whom agree to donate. The figure pretty much doubles. That is why it is so incredibly important to have that conversation.

We all understand that talking about death is a hard thing to do. No one likes to think of losing their own life, or that of someone they love. The strange thing is though, death is just another part of life. It happens to every single one of us. If we can bring something positive from such a sadness, then isn’t that worth one little conversation?

There have been many donor families who have told us first hand that their decision to donate their loved one’s organs was made a lot easier and less stressful because they had previously talked about it with their relative. The families also express a feeling of comfort in knowing that their loved one has helped someone. Sometimes up to 9 people’s  lives are saved and many more can be transformed. It can’t take away the grief, but it can help, in the darkest times, to know that their loss is preventing someone else’s.

So whether it is from an advert on telly, filling in a driving license, reading this blog, or however else you start it – please have a conversation about organ donation. Do it today. And be proud of the decision you make.

You sign up, I’m signing off,

Lucia x

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