Be The Change You Want To See

The very first blog post on the Live Loudly Donate Proudly website! We are so excited and proud to finally be sharing the site with you all, and to be able to spread our message further.
Firstly, some details about the people involved in the campaign.

Live Loudly Donate Proudly is a campaign set up by Lucia Quinney Mee (me!) and a group of ten others. Noelle Hyland, a close friend of mine who is a sales rep, and very passionate about organ donation. Mary McAfee, an organ donation specialist nurse who works hard to promote the cause. Anne Henderson, an artist from Rathlin, who designed the cards and the logo. Jonathan Mitchell, a computer whizz, who works on all technical (and other) areas of the campaign. Alexia and Jeremy McCook, who sadly lost their son Craig, in a road traffic accident and who courageously and selflessly agreed to donate his organs. Karen Acheson, the sister of an Organ Donor who has also found some comfort in knowing that his organs have helped and saved the lives of others. David, Rachel and Alice Quinney Mee, my parents and sister, who feel very strongly about raising the profile of organ donation, and are the biggest and best support I could ever wish for. Which just leaves myself.

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