Organ donation week 2020, and what’s coming on Live Loudly Donate Proudly…

Organ Donation Week 2020 starts today, Monday 7th September.  As an introduction to it all, and what to expect from Live Loudly Donate Proudly this week, we can’t do better than Lucia’s own words from a few years ago.  Here goes again..


“So, why is Organ Donation Week so important? Well, this week is set aside to pay particular attention to the incredible gift that Organ Donors, blood donors, tissue and stem cell donors give. During this week, we try our hardest to raise as much awareness as possible to the stories of hope and life that recipients and donor families can share. This week, we put all our effort into getting more people to talk about organ, blood and tissue donation. Live Loudly Donate Proudly wants EVERYONE to have the #DonationConversation this week, and sign the register to be an organ donor.

During this week there will be a few different blogs, and I hope you will find it a helpful way to start that conversation with your family and friends. Instead of thinking of it as something that is sad or difficult to discuss, we are aiming to make it something full of hope and kindness – something you can do to help another person.

I hope that this Organ Donation Week you find inspiration and joy in the stories we share, the blogs and anything else you see around this week promoting donation of any kind – organ, blood, tissue or stem cell.

So don’t forget to keep checking in throughout the week for new blog posts, and remember – Live Loudly, and Donate Proudly.”