Words…12 Days of Christmas

I wonder if anyone is reading this right now.

I wonder if the people who have been reading my blogs actually enjoy them.

I wonder if it has helped anyone.

Sometimes, actually most of the time, I am very surprised to hear that anyone has actually read anything I’ve written. I write with absolutely no expectation that anyone (apart from my family, because you know, loyalty please people) will read these words.

I do it because I enjoy it, and if maybe, possibly, someone reads it and finds it enjoyable, or even more – is inspired in some way, then that would just be a bonus.

Even if no one reads it, I’ll still write it.

I remember when I first started the blog, and put up the first post. I was so nervous that people would think I was weird, (spoiler alert – I am indeed very weird but I already know it so it kinda doesn’t matter if other people think it), or they would judge me.

I have since learnt that a lot of people are too busy wondering who is judging them to actually judge anyone else.

I have also learnt that I don’t care if they do anyways.

So, I will continue to write words. If people enjoy them , that makes me very happy.

It’s nearly the end of the 12 Days of Christmas blogs, and I really hope that a few of you found something in some way entertaining or enjoyable about them.

Sometimes we can all get caught up in the ‘what will other people think’ of life. Especially in a small town, Ballycastle is a small town. A very small town. It’s home and I love it, but it is an easy place to get bogged down in the words of others and the potential of seeing every human you know when you run out to get a coffee. It’s beautiful, if a tiny bit…tiny.

Words can be powerful, they can lift up the people around you, or they can belittle people and make them feel insignificant. I have had so many incredible people around me, friends and family that have been so supportive and behind me every step of the way. I really try and do the same thing for the people around me.

Run with your ideas. Even if they seem a little out of the ordinary. If you love it, go for it.

If you are still here, then LOL thanks – cause I think I’ve rambled quite a bit.

But hey, maybe you liked it? I liked writing it.


Lucia X

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