19 For 19…12 Days of Christmas

19 for 19…

  • World Transplant Games. Newcastle. August. Let’s do this! Training is underway.


  • British Transplant Games. Newport. July.


  • Write more blogs. Hope people read some.


  • Get a job of some description. Earn some money.


  • Spend said money, hopefully traveling and doing lots of cool things.


  • Learn to drive. Seriously. Must learn to drive.


  • Talk about Organ Donation, mental health and other important issues whenever and wherever I can. Make a difference.


  • Get some new Personal Bests in and out of the swimming pool.


  • Read more books.


  • Don’t leave what can be done today, until tomorrow. Just do it now.


  • Sort out sleeping pattern? Unlikely.


  • Try new foods. Not very good at this. But don’t want to be twenty and still eating a slight variation of the same dish in every restaurant. Time to expand the horizons.


  • Be more of an ethical consumer. Look into where companies money goes, how they treat their workers and the environment. Buy responsibly.


  • More nights out. Party while you can.


  • Educate myself more about issues that affect us all. Climate change. Feminism. Politics. Poverty. Be aware of the world around me.


  • Move out. Hopefully. Travel somewhere, do something, fly the nest.


  • Try stay out of hospital. As much as possible. Take meds, eat well etc etc and keep myself alive and fit.


  • Spend time with the people I love. Have great experiences. Laugh with them. Enjoy the little moments.


  • Be ambitious. Be kind. Be happy. Be myself.



I started this year with a dip on the freezing cold Ballycastle beach. There is a slight possibility that I am actually crazy.

I hope that this year is a great one for all of you.

This year will mark ten years since my second transplant, another big milestone for me. Yet another year that I have goals and ambitions and hopes for, because of the gift I was given by a total stranger and their family.


Let’s make 2019 happy.


Lucia X


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