12 Days of Christmas…Blog 7

xmas 7Well, the last blog of 2017!

This year really does seem to have gone in the blink of an eye.

I think we have seen some good progress this year in terms of awareness of Organ Donation. More stories in papers, more talk of public awareness campaigns, more engagement with young people. More debates about the opt in or opt out system and which we should be working with.

Any kind of discussion around Organ Donation is positive as it gets the message out there. I hope that 2018 brings even more awareness, more education primarily.

I hope that 2018 is the year we can see some progress with getting Organ Donation taught in schools. Young people learning that it is normal, and important to be having these kinds of discussions with your family and friends.

Starting the process form a younger age I’m sure will be positive and will encourage the next generation to be more aware of the importance of the issue.


Personally, 2017 has been quite the year.

Probably one of the biggest highlights was getting to Malaga to compete in the World Transplant Games. Not only did I love competing and got two Personal Best times in my races, I just had the best time.

It was so good to see friends and spend time with them. The atmosphere was incredible, all week we laughed and had fun and competed and supported each other. Knowing all the while that without our donors, our heroes, we would not be here.

There are too many incredible moments of this year to pick out, but it really has been one of the best yet. I am always grateful and aware that I wouldn’t be able to have these amazing moments if someone and their family hadn’t agreed to organ donation.

Please, please, please talk to your family and friends about donation, you could give someone the gift of life…and I promise you, they will make the most of that.

You sign up, I’m signing off

Lucia X

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