On The Eighth Day Of Christmas : My Donor Gave To Me…

On the eighth day of Christmas, my donor gave to me….hope and determination.

Happy 2017 to you all! With a new year, comes new hope, new motivation and determination to achieve your goals. It is the beginning of a new chapter.

The same is true for a transplant; the donor brings you hope that your new life will be filled with all the things you have been wishing for. A donor’s gift brings renewed determination to live your life fully.

My transplant has given me the energy and strength to pursue my ambitions.

The first day of the new year is the perfect time to have a chat with your loved ones about organ donation. Give someone else the gift of hope and strength to achieve their dreams!

Enjoy the first day of another year, and make sure you make the most of 2017!

You sign up, I’m signing off,

Lucia x

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