Most wonderful time of the year…12 days of Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year.

For me I think so yes.

For many of us, Christmas definitely is the most magical time of year.

Although, for a lot of people Christmas can be a reminder of the person missing round the table, or of the difficulties of social situations or the nerves that come with the excess of food and drink that are part and parcel of Christmas.

There are so many things that Christmas can highlight for people who maybe just don’t find life easy breezy.

For many it can be a time of extra stress or emotional struggles. The point really is that you never know what someone’s story is or what they might be dealing with that you don’t know about.

We can all at times get caught up in our own problems or difficulties and not think about how our words or actions may affect others.

It’s possible that the person who hasn’t really spoken to anyone at the party isn’t rude, but has social anxiety and being around a lot of people is a challenge.

It’s possible that the person who isn’t celebrating Christmas isn’t a grinch, but they are missing someone special and it’s hard to do Christmas without them.

It’s possible that we don’t know exactly what people are feeling.

And it is possible that today could be tough for someone, so don’t make it tougher.

If someone doesn’t have a smile, give them one of yours. You never know how much you could brighten someone’s day just by being kind, making someone laugh or spreading some Christmas cheer.

I know that there are three families who miss someone round the table at Christmas.* And because of that my family has me. We know we are lucky to have that and we thank the donor families for every extra Christmas we get together.

Remember that people’s cover is not the whole book and that we never know the whole story.

It’s nice to be nice.

Lucia x

(First posted 27th December 2018)

* There is now a fourth family on that list, and we are equally, unforgettably, grateful for the kindness of them all.