Once Upon A Christmas…12 Days of Christmas

Once upon a Christmas…

So. We’ve all had our dinner, we are suitably stuffed with Celebrations, and the torn wrapping paper leaves a trail of destruction under the tree.

The whole family is together. Someone is probably asleep on the sofa and there is most likely a Christmas special on the T.V.

‘What did you get?’ Is probably one of the most common questions of the day.

Clothes, books, makeup, tickets to a show or maybe all of the above!

Do you prefer to give presents or get them? I think my favourite thing is giving my family presents, and watching their face as they open them.

I love knowing that I have given them something they wanted or will enjoy or wouldn’t have treated themselves to.

There is always something a little extra special about Christmas for me. I love it so much. I’m such a child when it comes to Christmas. At 19 years old I still go and wake up everyone in my family and I can’t wait to go downstairs to open some presents. I get so excited.

It is my favourite time of year. Something magical seems to happen.

There are three reasons why I can make the most of every Christmas. Three donors and three donor families. All who have allowed me a second, third and fourth chance to live.

Christmas is all about the gifts for so many people, but really the greatest gift is life.

So many of us take it for granted. Just today, take a moment to thank your lucky stars that you are here and have the people who love you all around.

And maybe, before everyone succumbs to the food coma, just have a conversation with your family. Mention this blog maybe, or something else that starts the conversation about organ donation.

It is the gift that cannot be found under the tree. It can’t be bought or wrapped. It is the only gift that really matters. Life.
Happy Christmas

Lucia X

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