On the First Day of Christmas : My Donor Gave To Me…

On the first day of Christmas, my donor have to me…the chance to watch my family together opening presents and enjoying Christmas morning!

I received the greatest gift, the Gift of Life, and because of that I am able to enjoy so much more.

Christmas is a time for gratitude, and I am always filled with such a feeling of magic and wonder at this time of the year. Isn’t it just amazing how someone’s generosity has saved my life – three times!

We are grateful to everyone who has helped and continues to play a part in this journey. The doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and so many more – too many to list!

All the friends and family that continue to support me and the Live Loudly Donate Proudly campaign, thank you so incredibly much.

Words will never describe how grateful, lucky and blessed I feel to be able to be living the life I do.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy the day, and remember to always be grateful for the life you live.


You sign up, I’m signing off,

Lucia x


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