Transplant Games: Liverpool 2016

What: The Transplant Games is a sporting competition for anyone who has had a transplant. They compete in many different events, at many different abilities. The British Transplant Games happen every year and the World Transplant Games happen every other year, in a different country around the world.

Who: The Games are open for anyone who has had a transplant to compete in, but families and friends, and members of the public can take part in some events such as The Donor Run – a 5k or 3k run to celebrate all donors and donor families. There are over 700 competitors and over 1250 supporters!

Where: This year the British Transplant Games are in Liverpool, and The World Transplant Games next year will be in Malaga, Spain!

When: The Liverpool 2016 Games begin on Thursday the 28th July and finish on Monday the 1st August.

Why: The Transplant Games are an opportunity for transplant recipients not only to compete in sporting events, but also to meet other people who have been in similar situations to them. It is an incredible feeling of togetherness and understanding to meet others who know some of what you have been through. The Games are also – and primarily – a chance to display our immense gratitude and thanks to all the donors and donor families, without whom none of the competitors would be able to do what we do, and the majority wouldn’t be here at all. We can raise awareness of Organ Donation, by showing people what it does – how much it can and does mean to people. It is an incredible weekend of sport, meeting new friends, and being thankful for where we all our in are transplant journey.